About Us

Phoenix Revitalization Corporation (PRC) is a non-profit community development corporation dedicated to the revitalization of neighborhoods by facilitating community improvement projects, and the maintenance and creation of low-income and workforce housing. An emphasis is placed on the revitalization of Central City South, a community located immediately south of the Phoenix Downtown Business District and the Arizona State Capitol Mall. Founded in 1986 initially as a project of Phoenix Memorial Hospital, PRC was created to address the historic blight of the neighborhoods surrounding the hospital. We then merged with Casa de Nueva Esperanza in 1992.
Our Mission
Revitalize Neighborhoods, Connecting Generations
Our Vision
For people to live in healthy, safe, culturally vibrant and thriving communities
Our Core Values
Relationships Matter, Resident Driven Process, Individual and Collective Wisdom, Practice Respect, and Dedication


Board of Directors 2020 - 2021


Kendra Lee
Board Chair / Treasurer
Board Member since 01-25-01

Grace Salinas
Board Resident Member
Board Member since 09-22-04

Mara de Luca Funke
Board Vice Chair
Board Member Since 02-23-11
Julian Sodari, Sr.
Board Secretary

Resident Member



  Eva Olivas
Executive Director
AHDP Compliance Monitor
Jessica Bueno
Director of Community Programs
Patricia Blaisdell
Director of Community Relations and Events
AHDP Compliance Monitor
Sonia Tilton
AHDP Program Assistant
Celeste Moreno
AHDP Program Assistant

Julia Duran
AHDP Compliance Officer

Jenny Quezada
Program Coordinator
Raul Daniels
Business Outreach Coordinator
Jay Olivas
Chief Technology Officer
Rachel Johnson
Director of Finance
Carmen Trujillo
AHDP Volunteer